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Teal Blue Sapphire Ring

Deep blue-green, all natural, earth mined teal sapphires with enviable sparkle that the pictures just can't capture! A little color variation in these beauties, which are pretty rare to find in this color and size, but the overall effect is unifrom. We are so pleased to have them back in stock.

We make these rings with sapphire 75% around the band which is ideal for both gem coverage around your finger, whilst also providing a portion of gold to allow resizing if your ring size should change up or down in the future. Its also a good idea if the ring will be passed down to future generations! 

❂ Ring Band Width : 1.7mm
❂ Ring Band Height: 1.6mm

❂ Gemstone: Sapphire
❂ Cut: Round, Brilliant
❂ Diameter: 1.6mm
❂ Carat Weight: 0.55 ctw (approximate weight based on US size 6)

Teal Blue Sapphire Ring

$320.00 Regular Price
$288.00Sale Price
  •  We make to any international ring size up to the equivalent of a US 9.5. For sizes larger than this, please contact us for price before ordering. If you need help determining your ring size, see our guide.

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