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We make our jewelry to last a lifetime using the optimal design, construction and stone setting techniques for security and durability, without compromising on style. However, we know fine jewelry can be damaged accidentally so we offer a repairs service for you piece of mind.


Within the first year after your date of purchase, if your ring needs repairing, including if you have lost any gemstones we will cover all costs of returning the ring to us, repairing your item, replacing any missing stones and sending the item back to you. This warranty excludes any center stones of over 2 millimeter diameter. In this case we would ask you to pay for the cost of the stone only. If you want your center stone covered against theft, loss or damage you can insure your jewelry through your home owner's Insurance.

After one year from date of purchase we would ask you to pay for the cost of the stones and the outward and return shipping costs but no more. Our labor and any gold needed to make the repair would be free of charge.

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