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Nesting rings are a modern alternative to the classic straight line band. Worn below or above your centerpiece ring, they provide a wonderfully pretty and somewhat more organic look overall.

In our store, we offer ring pairings specifically designed to sit perfectly together, but we are often asked how to determine the perfect fit for an existing ring.

The key to a perfect fit is to accurately measure the width and depth (in millimeters) of your existing ring, below the ring band. This is the portion of your ring which will be surrounded by the nesting ring.

With these measurements to hand, take a look at our listing's 'description' section to see the width of the nesting ring's opening and depth. You want the measurement of your existing ring to be as wide as, or up to 0.5 millimeters smaller than that of the nesting ring.


The last measurement to take into account is the height of the central stone/s of your existing ring. Our nesting rings are designed to sit quite low on your finger. If your center stone is raised up from the ring band, the gemstones of the nesting ring will sit below this. This can also be a lovely effect, but it is worth bearing in mind when making your decision.

If your ring does not fit any of our current styles, we can custom make our nesting rings to any width and depth you may require. Provide us with the required opening width and depth in millimeters and we will confirm the price.

When making a custom order of this nature, please note that we can only accept returns if we have not made your ring to the specified measurements provided by yourself, and unfortunately not if you find that you have provided incorrect measurements.

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