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Polamai Fine Jewelry was born from a desire to create modern yet timeless jewelry, using only the finest gemstones and precious metals which would stand the test of time.

For even longer than than we have been making jewelry, we have sourced fine gems for both well known jewelry brands and private customers. Our gemstones sources are second to none; our quality and prices exceptional.


Polamai jewelry collections are always driven first by the gemstones. We don't buy in large batches, we hand pick only the finest from the trusted sources that we have built up over the years.

Our workshop is based in the wonderful, chaotic, colorful city of Bangkok, Thailand. A second home for many of our truly international team; Scottish, Thai, German, Indian and Filipino currently. We don't always understand each other, but we get along pretty well. Skills gleaned from our combined experience in jewlery design, gemology, lapidary and information technology allow us to bring you a highly personalized jewelry collection with an attention to detail and emphasis on quality that is difficult to find these days.

Each piece is carefully designed, then handmade from start to finish at our semi-open air workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. Nothing is mass produced and each of our highly experienced metal smiths has been taught by generations before them.

A few years ago we expanded from taking private orders and opened our first Etsy store, to great success. If you would like a second opinion on our quality and customer service, please take a look at our exceptionally long list of glowing 5 star reviews.

We love to take on custom orders when we can. At times our workshop is simply too busy, but it is always worth contacting us if you have a special design in mind.


We aim to provide an open, transparent and personal service for our fine jewelry customers. If you have any questions regarding Polamai Fine Jewelry or any of the designs you see in our shop, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


PS. 'Polamai' is the phonetic spelling of the Thai word for 'fruits', and gemstones are the fruits of time. We used to have a jewelry collection called Polamai in which the gemstones we used looked like juicy ripe fruits drops on branches of gold. The name stuck with us.

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