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This picture gives you an idea of how each necklace length will sit on the wearer. 

However, we all have different size necks. If you would like to be more exact, the easiest way to measure is to take a thin piece of string and place like it where you want your necklace to sit. Pinch where the string meets the end part, then mark and measure the sting with the ruler. 

Do this with multiple lengths to visualize how layered necklaces will look. 

All Polamai necklaces are available in a variety of lengths.  We also offer necklaces with extension links so that you can wear your necklace at various different lengths. If you don't see the length that you would like, please send us a message.



All Polamai necklaces are finished with ring spring clasp. These neat fastenings are also light in weight and decrease the likelihood of the clasp moving to the front of the necklace. However, if you would prefer a lobster claw type clasp, we can provide this on request.



In the same manner described above, you can measure the length you would like your bracelet.  As a rough guide, extra small is the size to go for, for those with very slim wrists. Small is the average wrist size.


Bear in mind that some styles suit a tight fit, and others more loose. We can make your bracelet to any length. If you don't see the length you need in our shop, please contact us. If you are buying a bracelet as a gift, here are the most common sizes to guide you.

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