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We are first and foremost natural gems people. We love the history, character and soul of real gemstones.
With natural gems, the only treatment we accept is heat, or minor oiling in the case of Emeralds.

Due to popular demand we will soon add moissanite and laboratory created diamonds to our offering. We will clearly state when designs feature these stones. Please note that all of our coloured gemstones are natural and earth mined.


The white diamonds we use are all natural, earth minded, not clarity enhanced or treated in any other way. Our colored diamonds, blue, brown, yellow and black, undergo heat treatment to enhance their color, but are otherwise natural. Our diamonds are conflict free. Our suppliers conform to all UN regulations for the purchase and import of diamonds, including the Kimberly process. We can provide invoices to prove this if so required.


The only metals Polamai Fine Jewelry use are solid 14k Gold, 18 carat gold and platinum 950. Solid metals will last many lifetimes, unlike plated or 'vermeil' gold pieces which will wear off over time. Our white gold is rhodium plated for a longer lasting finish at no extra charge. None of our metals contain nickel, which can irritate the skin. All jewelry pieces are hallmarked in accordance with international regulations.



Each piece of Polamai jewelry is crafted by hand in our workshop. Nothing is mass produced . Our small team of incredibly talented metal smiths have been taught by generations and work to the highest international standards. We believe the finish and durability of our jewelry is second to none.

Our team's working environment is important to us.  Our metal smiths work in a bright and breezy, partly open air workshop which is also part of our lead metal smith's family home.



We guarantee that the quality and dimensions of our jewelry pieces is as described here on our website. We never misrepresent gemstone size, weight or quality grade.


In addition, we offer independent certification by either IGI ( or GIL (www. laboratories for the same price as the laboratory charges us, 38 USD. Offering this as an additional service helps us to keep our prices competitive. If you would like a certificate please message us to request one at the time you place your order. 

GIA ( certification for individual gemstones is also available, starting at 90 USD per stone. GIA do not certify finished jewelry pieces set with smaller gemstone sizes.

Please beware sellers that claim to have high quality diamonds but do not offer certification, or provide a certificate guaranteed by themselves or someone they employ. This is no guarantee of quality.

Any of our pieces featuring a diamond of a weight of 0.20 carats or over, will automatically come with a certificate from an independent laboratory, free of charge.


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