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Purple Sapphire Eternity Ring 2.4mm

Madagascan purple sapphire. This beautiful, more definite purple shade of sapphire is one we are often asked for but cannot often find. We are lucky to have this batch, in this size.




❂ Ring Band Width: 2.4mm

❂ Ring Band Height: 1.6mm


❂ Gemstone: Natural Purple Sapphire

❂ Origin: Madagascar

❂ Cut: Round, Brilliant

❂ Size: 2.2mm

❂ Gemstone Weight: 1.28 carats for the full eternity, 0.95 carats for the 3/4 eternity and 0.64 carats in the half eternity style (based on a US size 6) 

Purple Sapphire Eternity Ring 2.4mm

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