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Ombre Sapphire Suspender Earrings

A new modern classic, the surprisingly easy to wear suspender earring will give your everyday fine earring collection the edge. We could not resist setting these in graduated ombre sapphire shades.


Lighter at the top and bottom with the most intense stones in the middle of the layout. All natural, earth mined and top grade of course.


Simply measure the 15mm inside diameter on your earlobe with a ruler in order to see where the earring will sit. Looks great on a first or second earlobe piercing. Available in other gemstones by request.



❂ Width: 1.6mm

❂ Height: 1.8mm

❂ Opening (Inside circumference): 15mm

❂ Length of post: 14mm

❂ Gemstone: Natural Sapphire

❂ Cut: round, brilliant

❂ Number : 20 per earring

❂ Diameter: 1.3mm

❂ Carat Weight : 0.26ctw per earring

Ombre Sapphire Suspender Earrings

  • We guarantee that we use only natural (not lab created) gemstones and solid gold in our designs, and also offer offer third party certification. Read more on Our Guarantee page.

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