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Oval Zambian Emerald Necklace

One stunning, oval cut, intense green Zambian emerald. Choose your design and gold color and carat.

The emeralds I am using for this collection are absolutely stunning and of a quality very difficult to find at a reasonable price on today's market. A cool, intense deep green, translucent and sparkling. I see so many opaque or cloudy emeralds on the market, and they are a poor comparison. Our emeralds do have some natural inclusions (which is normal for this stone in its natural untreated state) but these are not easily seen to the naked eye and in no way detract from their superb beauty. You will not be disappointed!

In our listing we use both artistic renders (as close to real life as possible) and pictures of previous custom orders in the wild.
Many more gemstones available in store and by request. We offer only genuine earth-mined gemstones in the top quality tiers.

❂ Gemstone: Natural Emerald
❂ Origin: Zambia
❂ Weight: 0.85 ctw minimum
❂ Cut: Oval
❂ Size: 7 x 5mm
❂ Treatment: Minor oiling

❂ Gemstone: Natural Diamond
❂ Weight: 0.09ctw
❂ Color: F
❂ Clarity: VS
❂ Cut: Round, brilliant
❂ Treatment: None

Approximate Final Dimensions (including gold):
❂ GRACE: 7 x 5*3 x 4*31mm.
❂ LYRA: 8*5 x 6*7 x 4mm.
❂ AURA: 9 x 7*6 x 4.5mm.
❂ Pendant Bail: 3.5mm

Oval Zambian Emerald Necklace

  • We offer both set length necklaces and necklaces with extender chains. The extender chains mean that you can choose to wear your necklace at 15, 16 and 17inches or 16, 17 and 18 inches. This is a good choice if you wish to layer your necklaces or wear them with different necklines. Our extension chains are neat and unobtrusive. For help with measuring your ideal length, see our guide.

  •  We guarantee that we use only natural (not lab created) gemstones and solid gold in our designs, and also offer offer third party certification. Read more on Our Guarantee page.

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