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Oval Neon Apatite Necklace

Welcome to our custom gemstone atelier. One incredible gemstone, your choice of setting.

Amazing Madagascan apatite. This is one of my favourite gemstones in terms of color and affordability. You wont see it everywhere. You will get loads of admirers and questions about it!

Another fabulous thing about it is that there is no known treatment for apatite. The color in entirely natural. It comes our of the ground that exact color.

Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius have apatite as their zodiac birthstone. This gem is believed to help you to achieve a higher state of spiritual being, to let go of things that are troubling or unnecessary in your life and to heal the heart and emotional wounds.

The necklace images are artistic renders and as close to real life as possible. At the end of the listing you will see some actual customer orders. Your necklace will be just as beautiful.

Many more gemstones available in store and by request. We offer only genuine earth-mined gemstones in the top quality tiers.

❂ Gemstone: Natural Apatite
❂ Weight: 0.95ctw
❂ Origin: Madagascar
❂ Color: Neon Blue
❂ Clarity: Eye clean
❂ Cut: Oval
❂ Treatment: Heat only

❂ Gemstone: Natural Diamond
❂ Weight: 0.09ctw
❂ Color: F
❂ Clarity: VS
❂ Cut: Round, brilliant
❂ Treatment: None

Approximate Final Dimensions (including gold):
❂ GRACE: 7 x 5*3 x 4*31mm.
❂ LYRA: 8*5 x 6*7 x 4mm.
❂ AURA: 9 x 7*6 x 4.5mm.
❂ Pendant Bail: 3.5mm

Oval Neon Apatite Necklace

  • We offer both set length necklaces and necklaces with extender chains. The extender chains mean that you can choose to wear your necklace at 15, 16 and 17inches or 16, 17 and 18 inches. This is a good choice if you wish to layer your necklaces or wear them with different necklines. Our extension chains are neat and unobtrusive. For help with measuring your ideal length, see our guide.

  •  We guarantee that we use only natural (not lab created) gemstones and solid gold in our designs, and also offer offer third party certification. Read more on Our Guarantee page.

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