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Indigo Blue Sapphire Eternity Ring 2.4mm

Madagascan indigo blue sapphire. No ordinary blue, the color of these sapphires is reminiscent of the midnight sky with clear purple undertones. The quality is top-grade, meaning they’re not just beautiful, but also exceptionally clear and brilliant.


Their translucent quality lets light pass through, creating a gorgeous glow that seems to come from within. We bought all of this color we could put our hands on, but it is still a small batch.

We do have some other sizes available currently, but quantities are very limited.



❂ Ring Band Width: 2.4mm

❂ Ring Band Height: 1.6mm


❂ Gemstone: Natural Indigo Blue Sapphire

❂ Origin: Madagascar

❂ Cut: Round, Brilliant

❂ Size: 2.2mm

❂ Gemstone Weight: 1.28 carats for the full eternity, 0.95 carats for the 3/4 eternity and 0.64 carats in the half eternity style (based on a US size 6) 

Indigo Blue Sapphire Eternity Ring 2.4mm

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