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Cornflower Blue Sapphire Eternity Ring 2.4mm

Cornflower Blue sapphire from Sri Lanka. A smooth and consistent color that is rich and just slightly warm offering a balance between depth and brightness. A gorgeous choice if you want translucency and sparkle in your blue sapphire with less dark undertones.



❂ Ring Band Width: 2.4mm

❂ Ring Band Height: 1.6mm


❂ Gemstone: Natural Cornflower Blue Sapphire

❂ Origin: Sri Lanka

❂ Cut: Round, Brilliant

❂ Size: 2.2mm

❂ Gemstone Weight: 1.30 carats for the full eternity, 0.97 carats for the 3/4 eternity and 0.65 carats in the half eternity style (based on a US size 6) 

Cornflower Blue Sapphire Eternity Ring 2.4mm

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