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Channel Set Emerald Eternity Ring

Natural brilliant cut Zambian Emeralds set in a slim channel of gold. A vibrant emerald green that stands a mile apart from the cloudy emeralds I see so often on the market. These gems really pop, with beautiful sparkle and the perfect degree of translucency. You can see into each emerald, even at this size. So pleased with this amazing batch. Could not be better.



❂ Ring Band Width: 2.4mm

❂ Ring Band Height: 1.6mm

❂ Metal : 14k, 18k gold or Platinum 950

❂ Gemstone: Natural Emerald

❂ Cut: Round, Brilliant

❂ Size: 1.8mm diameter

❂ Carat Weight: Full eternity 1.04ctw, 3/4 Eternity 0.78 ctw, Half Eternity 0.52 ctw *

* Approximate carat weight based on US ring size 6.75. 

Channel Set Emerald Eternity Ring

  •  We offer 3 eternity styles. ‘Half Eternity’ features gemstones set 50% around the ring band, ‘3/4 Eternity’ 75% around the band and ‘Full Eternity’ 100% around the band. Please note that only half and 3/4 eternity styles can be resized if need be, so please be sure of your ring size when ordering the Full Eternity especially.

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