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Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

First things first. This amazing ring has a secret. The center stone is actually 9 separate diamonds invisibly set to give the appearance of a 6 mm diameter, 1 carat size, asscher cut diamond. To the naked eye, and even with a magnifying glass the appearance is that of a single 1 carat size asscher cut diamond. Note that these diamonds are all natural, earth mined and absolutely not clarity enhanced. This ring will come with independent laboratory certification, included in the price.

These incredible sets of diamonds which can be put together in this way are incredibly rare. It takes time and amazing craftsmanship to set them. The result of course is a ring with all the benefits of real diamonds, while giving you a large center stone appearance at a fraction of the price.


Flanked by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds, the asscher illusion ring is a stunning modern design with major engagement appeal.
Please note that although there are no prongs between the diamonds, they cannot in any way move or come loose due to the type of setting (guaranteed). Every person who has seen this ring has commented on it size and beauty and been amazed that the center stone comprises of 9 diamonds.

❂ Ring Band Width : 1.3 millimeters
❂ Diameter or center stone with halo: 8.7 millimeters
❂ Height from finger to highest point: 5.2 millimeters

❂ Gemstone: Natural White Diamond (conflict free)
❂ Shape: Asscher cut composite. 9 diamonds.
❂ Dimensions: 6mm total diameter
❂ Total Carats: 0.43 carats (average 0.048 ctw per piece)
❂ Color: G - F
❂ Clarity: VS (NOT clarity enhanced)

❂ Gemstone: Natural White Diamond (conflict free)
❂ Shape: Round (brilliant cut)
❂ Carats: 0.25 carats total weight (1.2mm diameter)
❂ Color: G - F
❂ Clarity: VS (NOT clarity enhanced)
❂ Total diamond carat weight for ring: 0.78 carats

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

  • We make to any international ring size up to the equivalent of a US 9.5. For sizes larger than this, please contact us for price before ordering. If you need help determining your ring size, see our Ring Size Guide.




  • We guarantee that we use only natural (not lab created) gemstones and solid gold in our designs, and also offer offer third party certification. Read more on Our Guarantee page.

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