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5mm Diamond, White Sapphire or Plain Gold Bangle

Add some modern gold luxury to your wrists with this solid gold bangle bracelet. Beautifully made and finished by our expert metalsmiths, this modern classic was designed with fit, security and aesthetics in mind.


The closure is neat and modern but also super secure, featuring a hinge and button two step opening process. Available in plain gold or inlaid with 3mm diameter white sapphire or natural brilliant cut diamonds.


Choose from 5 or 7 gemstones covering half of the bracelets and 10 or 14 gemstones covering both sides of the bracelet. This listing is for 6, 6.5 and 7 inch inside circumference measurement sizing. For other sizes, just drop us a message.


Each piece features approximately 14-18 grams of 14k gold, or 16-20 grams 18k gold and you can really feel and see the difference when compared to lighter weight choices.



❂ Bracelet Width: 5mm

❂ Inside circumference: 6, 6.5 or 7 inches

❂ Closure: Box clasp

❂ Gold Weight (approximate): 6 inches: 14 grams (14k gold) or 16 grams (18k Gold) 6.5 inches: 16 grams (14k gold) or 18 grams (18k Gold) 7 inches: 18 grams (14k gold) or 20 grams (18k Gold)


❂ Gemstone: White Sapphire (natural, earth mined)

❂ Cut: Round, Brilliant

❂ Size: 3mm

❂ Sapphire Weight: 0.16ctw

❂ 7 Sapphire Weight: 1.12ctw

❂ 14 Sapphire Weight: 2.24ctw


❂ Gemstone: Diamond (natural, earth mined)

❂ Cut: Round, Brilliant

❂ Color: G

❂ Clarity: VS

❂ Size: 3mm

❂ Weight: 0.108ctw

❂ 5 Diamond Weight: 0.54ctw

❂ 7 Diamond Weight: 0.76ctw

❂ 10 Diamond Weight: 1.08ctw

❂ 14 Diamond Weight: 1.52ctw (all gem weights approximate)

5mm Diamond, White Sapphire or Plain Gold Bangle

  • Measuring the bracelet size you need is simple. Please take a look at our guide.

  • We guarantee that we use only natural (not lab created) gemstones and solid gold in our designs, and also offer offer third party certification. Read more on Our Guarantee page.

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