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COVID-19 update (as of March 27th)

Firstly, these are unprecidented and worrying times. Please do stay safe and follow all reasonable precautions. Our team and our customers are truly multinational and so we are watching the news emerging from countless nations every day and hoping that together we can beat this virus as quickly as humanly possible.

At Polamai right now, we are lucky to have a small team who can work independently from each other when necessary. We all want to keep working on our jewelry, but we are doing that whilst taking every recommended precaution.

Right now, we are changing our production time to 5 to 6 weeks just to be in the safe side. Apart from that, we are happy to be open for business.

Should we, for any reason, not be able to get an order to you within the 5 to 6 week timescale, we would let you know ASAP, and refund you in full. At the moment however, we are expecting to keep to our usual 3 to 4 week production times. FedEx shipping times are currently unchanged.

Please stay safe, sane and healthy everyone. There will be light at the end of this tunnel. x

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