One absolutely stunning AAA Ethiopian Welo Opal bezel set in solid gold. The opals we use for this collection are truly magical. Each stone is unique and flashing with natural colors which change depending on the time of day and the angle and intensity of the light source. Each opal we use will be as incredible as the one pictured above. 


Two opal sizes are available as detailed below. The ring pictured here features the 13mm opal size.

The opal is raised up slightly from the band, so these beauties can be stacked with other rings. The perfectly round opal is bezel set in a 1mm thick circle of gold, which compliments the stone perfectly, and gives a super luxurious look. 


The back of the ring is closed off, making it look perfect from any angle. We use around 3 grams of gold in the 11m stone size ring.


  • Ring Band Width : 1.6mm


  • Gemstone: AAA Natural Ethiopian Wello Opal

Opal Size 1

  • Dimensions: 11mm
  • Carats: 3.7 carats


Opal Size 2

  • Dimensions: 13mm
  • Carats: 6 carats up
  • Cut : Round Cabochon
  • Type : White body undertone
  • Color play: Wide spectrum. blue, green, red
  • Clarity: Excellent. No cracks, crazing or imperfections

Large Round Bezel Set Opal Ring 11mm 13mm

Opal Size
  • We make to any international ring size up to the equivalent of a US 9.5. For sizes larger than this, please contact us for price before ordering. If you need help determining your ring size, see our guide.