Neon Apatite Eternity Ring

Neon apatite is one of the most incredibly colored natural gemstones on the earth. A neon bright blue which seems to glow with color. I have seen it in the small size required for eternity rings before, but never in this high a quality. The cut (brilliant, diamond) is excellent, resulting in great sparkle. The intensity and uniformity of color could not be better.


Set in the classic eternity ring style, these rings deliver an incredible pop of brightest blue color. Right on trend.  


  • Ring Band Width : 1.35mm (approximately)
  • Ring Band Height: 1.3mm
  • Metal: Solid 14 or 18k Gold
  • Gemstone: Natural Neon Blue Apatite
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Cut: Round, Brilliant
  • Size: 1.2mm diameter

Neon Apatite Eternity Ring

Eternity Style
  • We make to any international ring size up to the equivalent of a US 9.5. For sizes larger than this, please contact us for price before ordering. If you need help determining your ring size, see our guide.

  • We offer 3 eternity styles. ‘Half Eternity’ features gemstones set 50% around the ring band, ‘3/4 Eternity’ 75% around the band and ‘Full Eternity’ 100% around the band. Please note that only half and 3/4 eternity styles can be resized if need be, so please be sure of your ring size when ordering the Full Eternity especially.