I can't tell you how wonderful this batch of emeralds are, and how lucky I was to find them. All natural and earth mined, not lab created! Superb classic rich green and almost inclusion free. I would give these an AAA grading. Encircled in a halo of conflict free F to G color, 1.3mm brilliant cut diamonds, these are show stopping engagement or statement rings. Limited supply.


 This ring comes with certification from an independent laboratory detailing the authenticity and specification of the gemstones and gold.


  • Ring Band Width : 1.8 millimeters 
  • Height of emerald with halo: 11 millimeters 
  • Width of pear with halo: 11 millimeters 
  • Gemstone: Natural Zambian Emerald (not lab created)
  • Cut: Emerald
  • Carats: 1.60 ctw (or a little more)
  • Gemstone: Natural White Diamond (conflict free)
  • Shape: Round (brilliant cut)
  • Size: 1.3mm diameter
  • Carats: 22 x 0.01ctw = 0.22 carats
  • Color: F to G
  • Clarity: VS1


Emerald Cut Emerald Diamond Halo Ring

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