Natural Emerald Octagonal Necklace

One stunning, octagonal cut, intense green Zambian emerald, bezel set in solid gold. Open to the back to maximize the incredible color and sparkle. A modern classic necklace which will add a little punch of intense emerald green to any ensemble.


The emeralds I am using for this collection are absolutely stunning and of a quality very difficult to find at a reasonable price on today's market. A cool, intense deep green, translucent and sparkling. I see so many opaque or cloudy emeralds on the market, and they are a poor comparison. Our emeralds do have some natural inclusions (which is normal for this stone in its natural untreated state) but these are not easily seen to the naked eye and in no way detract from their superb beauty. You will not be disappointed! 


If you are looking for this design in a different gemstone, just ask us. We have some fabulous oval sapphires and paraiba tourmaline in stock. Ruby, morganite, aquamarine and many other gemstones are also possible.


  • Bezel Dimensions:  6.6 x 5.5mm approximately
  • Gemstone: Natural Zambian Emerald
  • Cut: Emerald
  • Stone Size:  5.5 x 4.5mm
  • Carat Weight: 0.50ctw or slightly more.