Moissanite Wedding Band 1.6mm

By popular demand, we have created our first moissanite classic eternity ring. It took us a while to find our moissanite source, and we select only D color grade (the highest color grade available for moissanite) and stones with truly excellent cutting, which is so important for sparkle and symmetry.

In case you are not familiar with moissanite, all moissanite on the market are laboratory created gemstones. Moissanite was originally discovered when it fell to earth in a meteor and then later synthesized in a laboratory. It remains incredibly rare in its natural form, and you wont see any available on the internet, no matter what you might be told.A more affordable alternative to diamonds, genuine top grade moissanite like ours will never ever become dull or loose its sparkle. It has a unique sparkle of its own, and a refractive index higher than that of diamond. As someone who looks at gemstones every day, yes, I can tell diamond and moissanite apart, but few people can in this world.


  • Ring Band Width : 1.6mm
  • Ring Band Height: 1.7mm
  • Metal: Solid gold or Platinum 950


  • Gemstone: Moissanite (laboratory created)
  • Color: D color
  • Clarity: VVS1
  • Shape: Round, Brilliant Cut
  • Cut Grade: Excellent
  • Carat Weight: Full Eternity 0.36 ctw, 3/4 Eternity 0.27 ctw, Half Eternity 0.18 ctw. (Approximate total carat weight based on US ring size 6)

Moissanite Wedding Band 1.6mm