Classic Peach Sapphire Eternity Ring 1.6mm

Our bestselling natural peach sapphire classic eternity ring, with larger gemstones and a 1.6mm width. These are still slim bands, but not quite so skinny, with noticeably more of that gorgeous, sparkling warm peach hue to show off. Our supply of this gemstone is not guaranteed to last so if you love it, best not delay!


These sparkling bands look great stacked and complement peach sapphire engagement rings perfectly.


We can make this ring for you with stones half (50%), 3/4 (75%) or all the way around the band (100%). Please note that only the half and 3/4 options can be resized.


  • Ring Band Width : 1.6mm (approximately)
  • Ring Band Height: 1.4mm
  • Gemstone: Natural Peach Sapphire
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Cut: Round, Brilliant
  • Carat Weight: Full Eternity 0.36 ctw, 3/4 Eternity 0.27 ctw, Half Eternity 0.18 ctw. (Approximate total carat weight based on US ring size 6)

Classic Peach Sapphire Eternity Ring 1.6mm

  • We make to any international ring size up to the equivalent of a US 9.5. For sizes larger than this, please contact us for price before ordering. If you need help determining your ring size, see our guide.

  • We offer 3 eternity styles. ‘Half Eternity’ features gemstones set 50% around the ring band, ‘3/4 Eternity’ 75% around the band and ‘Full Eternity’ 100% around the band. Please note that only half and 3/4 eternity styles can be resized if need be, so please be sure of your ring size when ordering the Full Eternity especially.